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  5. "Hamtatayarisha chakula"

"Hamtatayarisha chakula"

Translation:You will not prepare food

December 28, 2017



Most people do not differentiate plural you from singular you in the English language. I would just say "you will not"


True. I try to purposely write in the "you all" just to help me remember the distinction, or I use the Swahili you-plural to practice. I find that they usually mark the you-plural as incorrect, and the one time I thought to just use the singular form to avoid repeating the question, they ONLY accept the plural in this question!!!


It just accepted "you will not ..." for me. Someone's been going through the course and fixing a lot of problems like this. (Not all, but a lot.)


By this point I just pick one randomly. Sometimes they accept “you all” or say it is incorrect. This seems to be the first time they said “you” is wrong and only take “you all.”


In addition, you (all) have not once differentiated the singular and plural until this lesson. This is really inconsistent


Agreed, and again this is an inconsistency as elsewhere sampling saying 'you' for the plural is correct.


Today it accepted "you" without the "all". But it did not accept "You will not prepare a meal" It accepts "You will not prepare food" or "you will not prepare meal" without the "a". I reported it


Audio now pronounces "ham-" as two separate syllables. Is this normal?


They are regarded as 2 syllables: ha-m-ja-ta-ya-ri-sha


By "normal", I meant whether pronouncing two separate syllables is more correct than just "ham-" heard in most other recordings here.


I'm wondering, as well...

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