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"This cat is my boss, not my pet!"

Translation:Diese Katze ist mein Chef, nicht mein Haustier!

December 28, 2017



Shouldn't it be "Diese Katze ist meine Chefin, nicht mein Haustier" because die Katze refers to a female cat while der Kater is a male cat?


Katze is also regularly used of any cat, regardless of the cat's gender, if the gender is not relevant.

And traditionally, masculine titles for professions such as mein Chef were also used when the gender of the person was unknown or considered irrelevant.


Mizinamo, Interesting point. Tacking on titles to animals and inanimate objects. Never even really considered the gender bender aspect, implications, and applications. Thank you clearing that up. Being a native of the U.S., we normally don't think about things like that.


Well you can think of it like the gendered English words:

waiter - waitress / actor - actress / host - hostess / lion - lioness / bull - cow / drake - duck / warlock - witch

In English, when we don't know the gender or don't care, then we just use the a specific version that is considered neutral. Typically, it's the male version, but not always.

We can say She is an actor but we can't say He is an actress. He is a cow but not She is a bull. She is a waiter but not He is a waitress. He is a duck but not She is a drake.

In German, it's similar.


I love the forums. Our collective questions and mistakes make fascinating reading.


I agree, sometimes I would be hard pressed to state which I learn more from, Duolingo or the forums. Occasionally there are even stories!


If the cat were female, could I use "Chefin" or would it still be more acceptable to use "Chef"?


Yes, you could use meine Chefin if you wanted to.


yeah. i thought the cat was a lady boss, too! meine Chefin.....


Why is this right


Regarding the grammar or the content? ;)


Why "Dieser Katze ist mein Chef, nicht mein Haustier" is wrong ?


Because the word Katze is feminine, so you need to use diese Katze, not dieser Katze here.


I put geschäftsführer instead of chef, would that be ok in reality?


I put geschäftsführer instead of chef, would that be ok in reality?

I'd find it odd to talk about mein Geschäftsführer because a Geschäftsführer is someone who leads a company, and I'm not a company. In order words, a Geschäftsführer "belongs" to a company, not to a person.


Why not meine Chefin?


Accepted on 5/19/2020...

"Diese Katze ist meine Chefin, nicht mein Haustier."


"Ich bin Arzt, kein Reiseführer." Hat es richtig in einer anderen frage.

Aber nicht

"Diese Katze ist mein chef, kein Haustier" Fur diese Frage.

Warum? (Also, forgive me if I am missing something blatantly obvious and thank you in advance)


It says "not my pet" rather than "not a pet".

kein Haustier = not a pet

"my pet" is definite and so you need nicht -- nicht mein Haustier.


Katze is feminine so it should be "Diese Katze ist meine Chefin"


Not exactly. Katze is feminine in the grammar sense. However, a cat, in general, whether male or female can be referred to as (die) Katze. So you could say either “Diese Katze ist mein Chef” or “Diese Katze ist meine Chefin”. The default, when gender is unspecified/unimportant, is to use the male form (Chef). If you really wanted to emphasize that it was a male cat, you could perhaps say “Dieser Kater ist mein Chef”. Note that Kater is more often used to refer to a hangover than a male cat.

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