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"I lost it" colloquial/casual phrases about laughing in french?

I've researched a little about this first but couldn't find anything, so I'm posting here!

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent french phrase to the english one "I lost it" for when you're laughing? Like, par example:

I was watching a norman fait des videos episode on youtube, and there was this funny part in the video, and I just started laughing hilariously, and I was texting a friend that "I lost it" ...during that part of the video.

if not, maybe does anyone know if there is anything else I can say that could convey that I just had a sudden fit of laughter?? (other than basic things like "I laughed/im laughing" [je rigole] etc.?)

If not, any french phrases about humor or laughing in general would be good too! [heck, even (clean!!) french memes]

December 28, 2017



Mort de rire, or in sms mdr is the same as lol. It literally means to laugh (yourself) to death or die laughing. être mort de rire is given on WordRef to mean "in stitches", "in fits" or "in fits of laughter", "crack up" etc.

See: http://www.wordreference.com/fren/mort%20de%20rire


That's interesting - I always thought mdr is short for well the word with five letters which has the synonym zut when used as an interjection.

Alors maintenant, je suis mdr quand je pense comme j'avais interprété quelques commentaires sur la toile dans le passé....

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