"She goes up to the mountain."

Translation:그녀는 산에 올라가요.

December 28, 2017



can "으로" be used as a particle instead of "에" here?

February 25, 2018


Another example of the inconsistency of the course. Either 가 or 는 could be used depending on the situation. If DL can't provided the context to teach the different nuances, it is unfortunate. With no prior reference to the girl (or woman) and no special emphasis or distinction comparing her to someone else; if just happening to notice and comment on a women climbing, it seems appropriate to use 그녀가 .....

December 28, 2017


Is it true that 그녀는 is a made up pronoun? In my 25 years in Korea I don't think I heard it even once!

February 1, 2019
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