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Why is a word repeated in this sentence?

"Il ne doit pas oublier oublier qu'il représente des gens qui n'ont pas un problème de cravate mais qui ont le problème d'être pauvres", a poursuivi Kushtrim Mehmeti.

I read the above sentence on a French news site and I can work out the meaning, but I don't understand why "oublier" is repeated. Can someone please explain?

December 28, 2017



Oh, this sentence was not written by a Frenchman, it looks like an awkward translation. The duplicate word is just a typo error. And the rest of the sentence is not quite correct in French.

« Il ne doit pas oublier qu'il ne représente pas les gens qui ont un problème avec leur cravate mais ceux dont le problème est bien la pauvreté. »


Can you tell us in which "French News site" you found this sentence?



I was trying to improve my comprehension by reading French news, it looks like I chose a bad one to study.


Franceinfo is a very good French site. I can see that only the sentence of that minister was baddly traduced. I find this error on other sites and I understand that it was the news agency that issued this information that made the mistake, the other media outlets simply copied without re-reading. And it's not very professional. Did you look for that information on an English site, to compare?


I hadn't thought to do that, but I imagine the quote was originally in Serbian or Albanian, so it may even have been translated more than once.

If Franceinfo is usually good, I'll stick with it, thanks.

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