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Wir warten "Auf den bus" or "auf dem bus"?

In Rosetta Stone it is "auf den".so it is accusative,but why it couldn't be "auf dem bus"? I found a sentence which says"ich gehe in den park" is it wrong to use "zum park" instead?

December 28, 2017



"Auf" followed bei dative means "on top of something". "Wir warten auf dem Bus" would mean that you are on top of the bus, waiting for something ;)


Thank u:),could I say "für den bus"instead?


"auf etwas warten" is a pretty fixed phrase, so "für etwas warten" would not be correct.


You can't. "warten" has tbe fixed preposition "auf". See below.


The verb "warten", when used as a transitive verb, has the fixed preposition "auf" and requires the accusative:

"Wir warten auf den Bus": We're waiting for the bus.

If no accusative is used, then "warten" will be interpreted as intransitive. The preposition "auf" becomes a local preposition:

"Wir warten auf dem Bus": We're waiting on top of the bus.

List oof verbs with fixed prepositions: https://www.deutschakademie.de/online-deutschkurs/forum/index.php?topic=86.0


And it can also be used transitively without a preposition, but then the meaning changes to "mind" or "maintain".

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