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Photos of real people using Duolingo

Hi Everybody,

Millions of people from every country in the world use Duolingo to learn a language every day. I'm interested in capturing the diversity of our community with inspiring photographs like this one:

If you have any pictures of you or a loved one using Duolingo, please send them to us at: userphotos@duolingo.com

We won't use these pictures anywhere without specifically asking for your permission.


--Luis (CEO of Duolingo)

December 28, 2017



This is a photo of me when I realized Immersion was really gone.


Were you cheering, or gritting your teeth with rage?


What language were you translating there?


Here's an old picture of me, feel free to use it


Were we pen pals? I like your gear.


Love the equipment! I mean the computers, of course.


I like this idea. I was going to give this a lingot. Then, I realized this is from the CEO of Duolingo. He don't need no lingots.


If we give Luis lingots, he might have to create something to actually spend them on to get rid of them. :P


No but he needs something to get this course off beta!


Hi folks!

I want to encourage people if you plan to share a photo, to please send the photos via email and not post them to the forum here. As this is specifically asking for photos of yourself, I am concerned that kids will post photos of themselves, linking to their username. Right now, if someone has a photo of a kid as their profile picture, it is ambiguous. Is the person a kid or does the person have kids? Let's keep that ambiguity in tact here in the forums where we ask people not to share their ages and school grades.

Thanks everyone! :)


Love this photo!


How sweet!

I would use a picture of myself, but I'm not the prettiest human alive. Plus, I just don't want my face out there. Though, I will think about it...

Unfortunately, no one else uses Duolingo in my family, besides me, of course. So, I can't take pictures of them. That could change if I actually told them about Duolingo, but they are all busy people with their own goals. I only know friends who use it.


You could always wear a Duo costume in the photo... come to think of it don't do that because it sounds fun and I want to do it instead. (JK ;)

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