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What's your longest streak lost?

I'm curious (and want to commiserate a bit :-) ) what some others' longest streaks they have lost are. (I just noticed that the verb, 'are', flew to the end of my sentence, similar to German...huh, learn something new every day)

I have recently only lost a meager 40 day streak, and earlier in 2017 lost an 80-something streak. Das ist nur ein bisschen streak (was ist 'streak' in Deutsch?)

Anybody else out there lose any big ones?

Did it hurt your motivation to not see that large number up in the corner anymore? What did you do?

I'd also love to hear tips from others about methods or habits that help keep you coming back to Duo every single day.

December 28, 2017



Well, I've just lost a 446 days streak two weeks ago. Tragic, tragic!...
Anyway, about your last request, I would say attitude and oportunity are the main reasons I come back everyday.
You see, once learning a language becomes important, a part of our life, then it's like any other daily routine (eating, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, resting). Unless that's how I see it.


Für Ihre Verlust...Hier gibt es einen Lingot. Dankeschön auch für Ihre Gedanken!

I realized that the streak number (for me, at least) was mostly to show others how consistent I am, and that what mattered was just picking up the next day and trying to break my previous record, and completing new skills.


Gern geschehen, Wir alle arbeiten aran...
Espero se devierta mucho aprendiendo Español, y que pueda llegar a los 1000 dias de racha.


I have lost one single streak long ago. Since then, I'm keeping it. Don't know what will happen with my motivation if (when) I lose my actual streak. Not planning to discover ... :)


I agrre with your viewpoint...


My biggest streak was like 12 and now i am 43 and i am getting a little scared


Around two years ago i reached nearly 130(i dont remember the exact number) but couldnt maintain it, afterwards i lost my motivation and was coming to Duolingo as often as i used to.


I had lost a streak of 250 days, I made one pause of 6 days and now I am in 60 streak.Attitude is a big reason and it motivate me to have more lingots. But I don't know how I use the lingots. Somebody know to explain me?


Ich bin auch über Lingots verwirren. Ich weiß nicht, wie kann ich ihnen benutzen.


Good question BradParham and a big one too.

I was doing quite fine, setting out first time and I worked up to a 110 day streak - doing normally 50XP each day, only to lose it due to internet issues on my Handy. I really felt that.

Then I coaxed myself to try and build up again, only to lose three 18 day streaks in a row - one of those days I really did miss my lessons for that day.

After that I did not care about my streaks again. My daily XP went down to 30 daily and then 20 (which is my minimum). I just decided I was here to learn, not build streaks and whatever I get to do in the day was fine. So I have lost some other lengths of streaks after that.

Now I try to see that I do a minimum of 20XP daily and sometimes I do 60, but I do not care about the streak count - whatever it comes to das ist das.

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