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"There is probably little food on their plates."

Translation:Na jejich talířích je asi jídla málo.

December 28, 2017



My answear is right: Na jejich talířích je asi málo jídla


Yeah, it is correct. Please next time report it rather than posting it here.


My answer, which appears to be identical to Marek's - Na jejich talířích je asi málo jídla - was just marked incorrect. I have reported it.


The same situation happens today.


I have just checked, and "Na jejich talířích je asi málo jídla" is definitely among the accepted translations now. But this is not the first time today that I'm finding that something that should be accepted hasn't been. So the intermittent grading bug that had disappeared, after a long and annoying run, may be back. If it is, we pretty much have to wait it out.


Why is it jidla malo and not malo jidla?


You are emphasizing "málo", it is the new information brought by the sentence. You knew already they have food on their plates, the new information is they have little food.


How do you know this is new information? There isn't any context to inform you that they already had food on their plates.


You are right that, just coming into this sentence, we lack context. VladaFu has explained the difference in meaning that occurs when you use "jídla málo" and "málo jídlo." It is another aspect of Czech word order for us to learn... as if we needed another one. :-)


I have tried both:

Je asi malo jidla na jejich talirich.

Je asi jidla malo na jejich talirich.

Is something wrong with this word order?


Both shift the focus of the sentence to the fact that it is happening ON THEIR PLATES. That is quite unusual on its own.

Other than that, the first sounds a bit unusual, but might be acceptable.

The other uses the adverb mále predicatively. In that case it would really be much more natural if it was beginning "Asi je jídla ...".


a co: je asi na jejich talirich jidla malo?


Much better is "Asi je...".


Can't one say, "Asi je málo jídla na jejich talířích"?


Well... it sounds like it comes from a poem. (Poems use unusual word orders.)

I suggest starting either with "Na jejich talířích..." or "Jídla..."

If we start with "Asi...", the only natural word order I can think of is: "Asi je na jejich talířích málo jídla."

In general, any word order with "na jejich talířích" at the end is odd.


You're welcome.

In other words, you want to place either "málo jídla" or "málo" at the end because that's the key information you want to convey.


There is no way to have "Na jejich talířích asi je jídla málo."?


It doesn't sound right. Keep the copula "je" in the second position. So "Asi je..." or "Na jejich talířích je..."


Thank you so much. The second position placement strikes again, but of course. I keep forgetting which ones are the clitics. I'll try to do better.


a proc "jidla" misto "jidlo"?


It's always the genitive after expressions of quantity. You can think of it as "a small amount of food".

  • málo jídla, hodně jídla, trochu jídla, více jídla, méně jídla, kolik jídla?
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