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Unofficial Thai course: Lesson two: The Alphabet

สวัสดี! Welcome to the Unofficial Duolingo Thai course. The previous lesson is here.

In the previous lesson you learned eight letters, six consonants and two vowels.

As I mentioned last time, the Thai consonants are ranked into three classes, low, middle, and high. It is essential to know which class the letter belongs to because it helps when you are learning the tones and pronunciation. All the consonants taught in the last lesson, except for ด (Daaw dèk), are low class consonants.

The alphabet:

ก (Gaaw gài) (G/K) (Middle class consonant)

บ (Baaw bai-máai) (B) (Middle class consonant)

ช (Chaaw cháang) (Ch) (Low class consonant)

ซ (Saaw sôo) (S) (Low class consonant)

-ะ (sà-rà-a) (short A)

  • ิ (sà-rà-i) (short I)

พ (Phaaw phaan) (Ph) (Low class consonant)

ฟ (Faaw fan) (F) (Low class consonant)

-ุ (sà-rà-u) (Short u)

-ู (sà-rà-ū) (long u)

ค (Khaaw khwaai) (kh) (Low class consonant)

ท (Thaaw thá-hǎan) (th) (Low class consonant)

ฮ (Haaw nók-hûuk) (ḥ) (Low class consonant)

ร (Raaw ruuea) (R) (NOTE: The Thai "r" is always trilled) (Low class consonant)

ล (Laaw ling) (L) (Low class consonant)

Words for practice:

ซัก = To wash (clothes)

นิด = Tiny

มัน = It

ฟัน = Teeth

ดู = To watch

มาก = Very

พูด = To speak

Please leave suggestions, feedback, and questions in the comments! :)


December 28, 2017



Thank you for making this, Woof! You're an amazing member of Duolingo, and your posts always make me smile :)

Also, I know some Thai, so I might be able to help you if you would like, but good luck!!! :D


Thank you very much :) I would love some help. My Thai isn't perfect yet, and I'm always afraid of making a mistake.


Thank you! And my Thai isn't perfect either, I just happen to know some from when I visited Thailand a few months ago :D


Dulcetia, I know this is a very strange question, but did you have a different username/profile on here?


This is my first account on Duolingo, which I made about a month or two ago. This was always my username, though :)


Also, I'm not trying to be nosy, but it might also be a great help if you uploaded the vocabulary from your excellent lessons to a course on memrise. (I have a memrise account, so I could help if you want.)


I'll try to make a memrise course. I'll add you as a contributor if you want. What's your Memrise username?


Dulcetia is my username, and thank you very much for letting me help!! :D


Sorry for the late reply. There should be a button saying, "Edit course" which you can press. Then, you simply write the word, then the translation, then press, "enter."


Once again, really sorry for the late reply.

I don't understand what the problem is. This should be what's coming up:

Or, if that doesn't show up, https://imgur.com/7PoJ0K6


Thanks again Woof.! Just a small correction: it is unofficial not unnofficial.


Maughanster_ I love your profile picture!! The Finnish golden owl looks fantastic!!! :D


Thanks Maughanster_! :)


You're welcome! :)

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