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  5. "Would you be afraid?"

"Would you be afraid?"

Translation:Bála by ses?

December 28, 2017



What would the formal form be (instead of Bála by ses?, the version it corrects to)? Thanks in advance!


Formal (speaking of "vykání") would be "Bála byste se?" for a woman, "Bál byste se?" for a man and "Báli byste se?" for group of more people (from which at least one man).


This is completely fine. I can only think of hypercorrect forms like "Bála by jsi se?" - not correct. You can also say: "Měla bys strach?".


The female form "Měla bys strach" and the male form "Měl bys strach" are currently not accepted yet.


We were also missing all the formal vy forms. I have added them.


“Vy byste se bál” was not accepted. I can’t figure out why. Are the clitics out of order?


As wrote to Praha, I have added the vy forms three days ago. They may not be active for you yet.

Anyway, you really should use the report button if you believe it is correct.

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