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Dear Duolingo - Timed practice

I'm writing because I want to suggest a little change in the timed practice, I am talking mainly about the end of it. Many times I'm in a situation where I run out of time but still manage to write the last sentence, just not correctly. Usually it's a longer or more difficult sentence that I have to spend longer time writing, therefore I run out of time. The thing is, even if I don't manage to write it correctly, there is no time at all to see where I made mistakes because the lesson goes straight to the gained XP points. I wonder if admins could make a little break there at the end of a lesson. I don't know about other people but to me it has happened quite several times now and I always end up wondering what kind of mistakes I make in those kind of sentences mentioned by me before.

December 28, 2017



Careful, Duolingo is more likely to remove it entirely than to improve it. Anyway you can review the lessons at the end and see what you wrote and what the correct answer was.


Why would they remove it completely? Thanks, I've never really noticed that button before =o


Well, put it this way: people begged for years for more things to spend lingots on. And they by and large got their wish: they can now buy exemptions from the health system... Yet people still think it's a good idea to ask for more things to buy with lingots and gems.

Unfortunately, anything available only on the web version might easily find itself on the chopping block. Duolingo is an app company that happens to run a website, utilized by a small minority of overall users.


At the end of timed practice, in the left bottom corner, there's a button to review each sentence.


However, the last sentence doesn't show up there if you run out of time on it.

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