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Do you or someone you know do the Basic 1xp per day thing?

Is this something people use?

December 28, 2017



I did for a while (it's now at 10 XP), but the goals are just the minimum one has to do in a day, definitely not the maximum! It's a good way to keep the streak going when life is too stressful, but even with the low goal I got way more XP on most days.

I prefer lower goals that keep me practising regularly without making it a chore, to a high goal, that might be too much on some days and make me not want to do it in the first place. I still do it, but stop when the goal is done because I don't enjoy it as much and have a much easier time starting my session (doing 30 minutes, when the day was hard is something I put off; telling myself "it's just 5 minutes" gets me started and once that's happened I remember how much fun language learning is and continue). So I actually get more XP when I have a lower goal than with a higher one.

Everyone is different though and some would need a higher daily goal to motivate themselves. You just need to figure out what works best for you.


Wow! Congratulations on having all three stars on every achievement!


Hehe, thanks! I'm sure you'll get them too!


I'm fairly new to Duolingo and was just wondering where I could find the achievements? Thanks!


My goal is set to 1 XP right now, but today, I have achieved over four hundred experience points!

The reason I set it at the lowest possible amount is in case if I'm busy one day and would like to keep my streak, I can easily do one, quick lesson. On most days, I get more than just one experience point though :)


I set my goal at 10 XP because I didn't want to be concerned with meeting an arbitrary goal. I set my own goal of 30 to 60 minutes per day. Some days learning seemed easy and some days it was difficult to get engaged. On days where it became difficult to engage, I took this as a sign to give my mind a break and just do the minimum. -MfG, mwbrand1


I have that set as my goal, just to make absolutely sure that I can meet my goal in case I have a very busy day and can't really get on much.


Some people do. But you won't make much progress.


I don't. I would say not to do so unless their is a important reason, like your learning in school and you just need to practice here and there.


I used to when I was upkeeping my streak and didn't always have the time to do 10XP lessons, but now I'm jut happy to learn and track my own progress using paper and real-life situations. Although I'm trying to get 25 in all the language trees I'm going to use (and finish them!). :)


Do this like we just wanna keep the day streaks.. We are learning languages...Anyway, my goal is set at 1xp...


That's what my goal is set at. Any higher, and I definitely would lose my streak, whenever I actually have one.


The bad thing:

The mobile apps nowadays will overwrite the 1XP web coach goal by 10XP++.

The good thing:

You can save with 1XP Basic (web coach goal) and a "timed practice" where you answer at least one, more often 2-6 questions right, your daily goal.


Even with this lower setting, you may loose your streak, if you start 23:50 / 23:55pm a new strengthen lesson and you do not finish right (continue button pressed) before 00:00am.

It is dangerous!!

If it will be just 30-60 seconds after 00:00, the 10XP will be written to the next day, not the old (current) day, when you started your lesson.

If you have a 10 / 30 / 50XP setting, I strongly advise everyone to save his streak earlier in the day or right after 00:00am when the next day has started.

Never ever lay down on your sofa (e.g 22:30pm, 23:00 / 23:30pm) and think you can now start reviewing / saving your streak.

You may fall easily asleep, wake up after 00:00am "in the middle" of your last started lesson and your streak will be: GONE!!


The mobile apps nowadays will overwrite the 1XP web coach goal by 10XP++.

Exactly the reason why my goal isn't 1 XP anymore. I mainly use Duo on the web, but when I'm using public transportation and want to productively spend my time I often use the app instead of the mobile site. If I have a 1 XP goal it prompts me to set a goal and it turns to 10 XP and I just leave it at that.

For the bad part - always keep a streak freeze equipped. It will be used when necessary.


When I cared about the streak I did. I've seen people comment in the past that they're doing it, just do a strengthen practice and get the first one right. It's good if you're in a state of having little motivation but still want to have a streak for some reason.

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