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Duolingo - but for science

Hey there!

I experience duolingo as a quite powerful tool to learn lists of simple relations (vocab) or easy concepts (grammar). Do you know, if there's something similar been done for other fields? Like historical dates, organic chemistry, anatomy, biology, mineralogy, useful constants, basic mathmatical theorems (you know, what was Schwarz' Theorem again ?), and so on...

If so, where can I find it? If not, would it be possible to implement something similar in duolingo? (I'd even offer help immediately...)

I know, that's not language related, so, at best move this to a thread where it fits.

Cheers, Thoralf

December 28, 2017



Khan academy is awesome! It is also free and has courses on pretty much everything from mathematics, sciences, history, programming etc. It is similar to duolingo in that it is free (yay) and you at your own pace through short lessons and there are also experience points streaks badges etc. I am using it to study math and find it very much like duo for math.


I love that idea, not sure it would fit under the Duolingo banner though. There is a developer called "SoloLearn" that has courses on programming languages in a similar tree format to what Duolingo uses. They have apps for Android and iOS devices.

Perhaps one day I'll make an Duolingo-esque app to teach other topics like computing, medicine, organic chemistry etc. If only I had more free time. :)


Memrise has a lot of courses on science ,math , languages and many more subjects.


It sounds like a good idea but there might already be apps/websites for things like this.

It's a good idea though!


TinyCards is just flashcards, but to me it's similar to the learning style of Duolingo. you an create a deck or use that's already been made. It's not the exact same thing, but it's good enough.


Beyond Memrise, I suspect there are very good Anki decks for some of the things you seek.

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