December 28, 2017



This lesson is nothing but シャツand コート over and over .


コート is the new ゼロ


What is the — character ? I mean how it's pronounced


「ー」long vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)


This exercise made the lesson impossible to complete on my ipad, because the program refused to accept コート as an answer, and I cannot find any alternate way to type or enter it.

Edit: Okay, I managed to find a (different???) version that worked, but since the answer that was not accepted and the answer that was are visually indistinguishable, this seems like a major problem. How exactly is it useful or productive to ask learners who are new to the language to complete an exercise where their only struggle is their unfamiliarity with the keyboard entry system? Since the iPad app now automatically forces you to use the keyboard, shouldn't there be some sort of built-in help or (failing that) some flexibility in the allowed answers to accommodate those of us who are not previously familiar with the available keyboards?

While overall, I like the change, it is immensely frustrating to be prevented from completing an exercise simply because I haven't been able to distinguish between two visually identical characters. If the distinction is that important, please teach it. If it isn't, please don't halt all progress because of an arbitrary distinction.


Didn't you have the ー character?


上衣 or うわぎ not accepted?

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