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Clubs on Desktop

Now I know that this has probably been mentioned a lot, but this is becoming quite the problem now.

If you see this can you please upvote so that the developers see this and they can implement this as soon as possible.

Thanks, Joel!

Edit : I’m amazed and how much this has taken off, thanks for all the Lingots and hopefully they may add them soon.

December 28, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I upvoted. I'm glad someone else wants to see that on desktop.


    I really want clubs on desktop!


    I feel your pain. I don't have a mobile device, so I downloaded a free Android emulator just to download the mobile version of Duolingo onto my emulator just to use clubs. The courses on Duolingo are great, but their social options are hilariously poor.


    Clubs on desktop would be a great improvement. It is very difficult for me to use the appropriate "non-English" letters and accents when I work on the small key board of my phone. So my club writing is always less than it could be.


    Im going to upvote too since I want this feature. I love using the app web version better than my phone.


    I want clubs on desktop too! I usually like using Duolingo on my computer and not on my phone


    I want clubs on desktop.


    There is a great post I have recently stumbled across :

    HOWTO emulate: Use "tapping" or "Clubs" (Android app) on your PC and freely chat with 15 people by Thomas.Heiss


    That people , who are showing an interest in this might be interested in as a work around.


    my android device does not support clubs. I want it on desktop.


    I also want clubs,i like using duolingo on my computer and not on my phone,i wish they could provide clubs on desktops too


    I tried clubs for a bit and it seemed like a cool little feature, sadly I don't like using my phone, I just find typing slow and cumbersome, here's hoping they put in on PC eventually!


    That would be a big breakthrough!!!

    [deactivated user]

      One of the biggest reasons for putting clubs on desktop is health! I don't want all that radiation from holding the smartphone. I will send an email to Duolingo help regarding this.


      With all do respect, you do realize that you can use Duolingo on desktop? You can't use clubs but that is really a secondary stuff. I am following this discussion but it seems that people are getting carried away easily.


      I upvoted, I would get a lot more use out of the clubs if I could use a real keyboard, instead of the rather limited touchscreen.


      Up voting , I want to participate but not on my phone . I have poor eye site so it makes it impossible . Also we cant use fadas for Irish on a phone so it will never be correct .


      that's why i can't find them -__-" its weird, i got a message in my phone. But, i never see in my desktop.


      Upvoted, clubs on desktop would be great.


      I'm just starting a class in English, and I know that some of my adult students use their computers much more than phones, and club feature will be very popular, so , yes, let's have clubs on desktops!

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