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Can't delete language!

I have multiple languages that I've been learning in English, but for fun I also started learning Catalan in Spanish, and English in Japanese and now I don't want do learn them anymore, but when I go on the "Reset or remove languages" button in settings, since you can't not be learning a language, it doesn't let me delete Catalan or English. Can anyone be of help to me?

December 28, 2017



I’m afraid that the first language of any given “base” language cannot be deleted. But you can reset it to show zero progress.


The first language of a base language cannot be deleted, and the only option is to reset its progress, which can be done in your settings:


Have you tried deleting them through the Spanish version of the site?


As Dcarl1 and Speir_ have mentioned, it's impossible to reset the first language from a base language, unfortunately :(

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