Latvian course 5 Nouns, adjectives and numerals

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    Today we are going to learn some basics.

    LIETVĀRDI (nouns)

    The word ''lietvārds'' is made from two words - 'lieta' (a thing) and 'vārds' (a word).
    Nouns in Latvian have two genders - masculine (vīriešu dzimte) and feminine (sieviešu dzimte).

    Vīriešu dzimtes galotnes (the endings of masculine):
    -s, -š
    suns (a dog), bērns (a child), zēns (a boy; the ''ē" is wide - like a longer ''a" in ''and''), vējš - (wind; ''ē" is narrow - like "e" in "there") etc.
    kaķis (a cat), vīrietis (a man)
    ledus (ice; the wide ''e''), medus (honey; the wide ''e")

    Sieviešu dzimtes galotnes (the endings of feminine):
    lampa (a lamp), meita (a daughter)
    -e (narrow - like "e" in "ever")
    maize (bread), meitene (a girl; all letters ''e" are narrow), sieviete (a woman; all letters ''e" are narrow)
    nakts (a night), uguns (fire)

    In plural there are also two genders.

    Vīriešu dzimtes galotne daudzskaitlī (the ending of masculine in plural) ir (is) "-i":
    suņi (dogs), bērni (children), zēni (boys), kaķi (cats), vīrieši (men).

    Sieviešu dzimtes galotnes daudzskaitlī (the endings of feminine in plural):
    lampas (lamps), meitas (daughters)
    meitenes (girls), sievietes (women)
    naktis (nights)

    ĪPAŠĪBAS VĀRDI (adjectives)

    Every adjective has singular and plural, masculine and feminine.

    Vīriešu dzimte Sieviešu dzimte
    mazs (small/little) maza
    liels (big) liela
    garš (long) gara

    Vīriešu dzimte Sieviešu dzimte
    mazi mazas
    lieli lielas
    gari garas

    Mazs zēns (a little boy), maza meitene (a little girl), mazi bērni (little kids).

    SKAITĻA VĀRDI (numerals)

    Only "viens" is in singular. Other numerals are in plural. Numerals with endings have cases.

    Viens kaķis, viena meitene, divi suņi, divas lapsas (two foxes)
    Trīs suņi, trīs lapsas, desmit zēni, desmit meitenes.

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    December 28, 2017


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      December 28, 2017

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