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Any plans for 2018?

I'm very, very happy to see Duolingo has expanded it's English base this year so we now have three more Asian languages released and Arabic on the way! It's grown a lot since I joined it about four or five years ago.

That being said, it seems like the other base languages aren't getting the attention English seems to get. I'm still waiting on 2 other languages for English speakers but I would like to see a lot more for other languages. I know that it seems that every year they focus on one thing (2016 was English for Indian languages, and 2017 of course was the Asian Language Parade) so I'm wondering if they're going to do something like languages of Africa or Languages of the Caucasus region for 2018.

P.S, sorry if this has been touched on already, I've been stuck between college, work in food service and holiday with family while not doing much else.

December 28, 2017



Like a lot of other people, I'm hoping that they'll possibly add Finnish from English next year since it's a language that I've always wanted to learn.

It's also fantastic that they've added three major Asian languages this year :)


They haven't made any official announcements about new languages (Edit: from English), but if you haven't heard the news yet, a new Spanish-from-English course is in the making, and a new feature (skill levels) is scheduled for a roll out next year.


On duolingo, I'd love to see some Native American languages. And I hope Arabic will be out. The geeky side of me wants to get started on Klingon, too. But as far as my studies go, I plan on working hard on Japanese and French. I'd like to complete my trees for those, and if I do, I'll move on to Spanish and German. I would like to test Korean and Chinese, as well.

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