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Une veste est un vêtement - liason?

I can't go back to report it because it was timed practice but I just got this question as a "type what you hear". The female robot voice did not make a liason between est and un. I typed "Une veste et un vêtement", which was counted as wrong. However, when I reference google translate, et and un make no liason, whereas est and un DO make a liason. So, which one is incorrect - duo or google?

December 28, 2017




Duo a oublié de faire la liaison entre "est " et "un".

Une veste est un vêtement. :-)


Google is correct - une veste "ey tun" vêtement. You will find the slow tortoise speed is notorious for not pronouncing liaisons as the robot pronounces each word separately.

Another good way to check is through Forvo. For example here is a pronunciation by native speakers of "c'est un" - "sey tur" (extremely rough English approximate) :


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