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There are so many people in Duolingo learning different languages. I have been curious to why you started Duolingo and why you decided learning that language etc... So please comment below and share your stories!

December 28, 2017


I started learning Spanish here just in hope of learning the basics because my family and I go to the Canary Islands a lot. However, I fell in love with the Spanish language and the whole language learning experience - it's now one of my favourite things to do!

Awesome! I am glad you love it. I am sure everyone else can agree with that!

Are you Mia from family fizz??


What's family fizz?

Umm If you are talking to me no. I have no idea what family fizz is.

For some reason I can't remember, since I was just eight years old I started to pay attention to what the singers was saying in their songs. At first, I learned the word "voice", and how it was very similar to the same Portuguese word(voz). Only 5 years later, I really fell in love with English, and Duolingo became my main tool to master it (:

Interesting Story. I am glad you love Duolingo! I am sure everyone here feels the same way about it!

Thank you for your kind words. (:

The pleasure is mine. :)

(I edited and wrote the whole story. English isn't my first language, sorry I made some mistakes).

Well, I tried to learn Arabic alone, just with Internet. The Alphabet is very cool, I liked it at first sight. But it got harder. I was searching for more recourses and then I found Duolingo. I liked it very much, but there was no Arabic course, then I uninstalled it. One year later I couldn't resist to the difficulties and gave up! A friend that I had in the school was learning French. Then I thought "I will learn some language too". I remembered Duo, then I came back here and looked at the top languages and saw German. I thought "I'm gonna try German, because it's easier than Arabic!". Now I love German and want to go to Germany someday. Duo is the best Language learning app I've ever found.

Please write as much as you want!

I will edit and write the whole story!

Great history Taylor. German is a not-too-easy-language at least for me who speaks Portuguese, but there's no price to overcome the difficulties. I hope you'll get to German someday.

I tried to learn Spanish for a Costa Rica trip but I never really got that good, and kinda forgot about Duolingo for a few months until school started again and I decided to take a swing at German. I fell in love with the language for many reasons- 1) I can now understand some of the music I listen to (I love a German group called FAUN- give it a listen) 2) It's easy (some days) and fun (almost every day) 3) next year I can stun the school's German teacher 4) I want to go to Germany someday (that country looks like so much fun!) I also picked up French and resumed Spanish because I was bored at lunch.

Why'd you you start Lagertha27?

My story? Well i was born in Germany lived there for about 11 years of my life. ( I have photo graphic memory). Then i went to visit some of my cousins in a place called Alaska? I was probably 12 at the time. They were all speaking English. I had no idea what they were saying. They new how to speak German so they could talk to me but that doesn't mean they always did. So I finally asked them if they could teach me. We started out with books. But then we found Duolingo. I am now fluent in English and German! I know you are wondering why i am "learning" German. Well sometimes i need a refresher so what i do is "learn" German. It helps me. Thanks for asking!

That is so cool! If you still have photos/stories from Germany, I'd love to hear about it. I started a discussion "ever been to Germany" and I'd love to see you join! If the place you went to was cold, snowy, empty and full of lots of mountains and trees then it may have been Alaska. They are the farthest- north state in America, and not many people live there but I here it's beautiful.

Sorry didn't see it in time! If you post one now then i will join! But you don't have to sorry about that.
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Here's my story, sorry it's a bit rambling: Growing up in Australia I didn't have many opportunities to hear other languages spoken. In high school I was taught a little German and Japanese, but only the very basics, like a kindergartener would learn. When I was older I enjoyed watching international films with the subtitles on, but didn't really have a reason to learn a language other than English. Then I travelled overseas and lived in the UK for a few years and visited many countries in Europe and Asia, but it seemed too hard to learn one new language let alone several, so I relied on phrasebooks. I have to say it's pretty easy to get away with speaking English most places.

Now I'm back in Australia and probably won't have a chance to go back to Europe, but I've decided to learn French. I've found that in a lot of books I read there is the occasional word or paragraph in French that I used to have to type into Google translate to understand. After 5 months of using Duolingo and having learned more than 1000 words (the app tells me I'm 57% fluent, but I don't believe that), I still only understand about 1 in 3 words of a French news article or novel. I'm definitely progressing, and I'm still pushing myself to attempt more difficult texts, but I'm frustrated at how long it's taking me to become truly fluent! (Impatient, I know.) The other things I'm finding difficult are pronunciation, and forming my own sentences. I find it much easier to read written French than listening to spoken French or speaking it myself. I have tried watching films (still with the subtitles on) and listening to podcasts, YouTube videos and music, but it's too fast for my ears.

Anyway, it feels good to be learning French and sometimes I'm tempted to learn more languages (I'm amazed at how many languages some people here are learning!) but for now I think I'll stick with one until I finish the whole tree.

Not rambling at all! I'm glad you shared

I found duolingo because my dad was using it to learn portuguese, but I forgot about it for a while after signing up and doing one day of French, eventually some online friends of mine were talking about it and spurred me into starting again and now I have a 35 day streak!

I started duolingo to re-learn italian and german, because i forgot them over the years. Now I want to take another new language after I do enough of the first two. P.s. English is not my native language, It is croatian, but there is no course for croatian native speakers

Long story short :)

I looked up "language learning websites" and found Duolingo, and I wanted to start learning Japanese. However, Duolingo didn't have Japanese back then. But I liked the interface and the gamification of Duolingo, so I started learning Spanish. I am now fluent.

My sister told me about it, and I started learning French, Spanish, and Vietnamese just a few hours later. At first, I wasn't very interested and at some point I half forgot about this website. In July I decided I wanted to learn Spanish so I restarted the course. Then I went crazy.

I was sort of struggling a few months ago when I registered on Duolingo and wanted to find something to do that would help me take my mind off of other things. I remembered how much I enjoyed learning languages, and how well I was doing in my Spanish class.

I found Duolingo and started learning Spanish, and also discovered how many languages were available on Duolingo!! I decided to start Ukrainian because my relatives speak it, and Italian, because I will be visiting northern Italy this summer. I'm also learning Norwegian because I would like to visit Norway, and I'm waiting for a Thai course on Duolingo!!!

Now, I'm learning eight different languages thanks to Duolingo :)

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My story? Well here it is! :) I first heard of Duolingo back in April 2016 by my aunty who lived in the Canary Islands, she said how she was learning Spanish and how good it was I forgot about it for a while, then in July I decided I wanted to learn a language! Because when I went to Turkey I found that so many people had different languages this fascinated me, and still does today, so, I began searching up sites which taught you Spanish free, suddenly, I remembered Duolingo, so on August 1st 2016 I officially joined Duolingo, I loved it! 2 weeks later we went on another cruise I took a 2 week break, then I began doing Spanish every day, however, I soon realized how so many people were learning Spanish, and slowly I began to get bored, so I wanted to find another language I choose Italian, for a short while I loved it! I still today, but I found that it wasn't very common outside of Europe, so I wanted to find a language that was like Spanish, spoken outside of Europe, and a romance language! So I picked Portuguese as it was outside of Europe (spoken in many countries across the world) and was like Spanish! The very best part is that Portuguese is similar to Spanish so similar that I could roughly understand it, so when I fully understand Portuguese I wish to learn Spanish. This will mean that I will roughly understand 3/7 of the entire world! Amazing! Anyway that's my story. Sorry if that was boring XD

I just wanted to try working on my German for a bit. I was doing German in school so it wasn't much of a choice, though I like the language a lot.

I started quite some time ago studying French, just because I wanted to refresh my memory of the language, since I studied it in school for 8 years. I was so rusty, I couldn't remember much. But I've had interest in so many languages. I was living in Japan at the time, but since Japanese wasn't offered (yet), I also worked a bit on Spanish and Esperanto. I thought it might be good to study Esperanto, as I'd heard it can be a good way to help learn other languages more quickly. I've looked around at several other languages, and would like to try every language offered by duolingo. I'm now focusing on Japanese and French. After that, I plan on focusing on Spanish and German, though Norwegian is an ancestral language of my family's, and I'd like to study it as well.

Very Cool. Look at you now! Learning all kinds of languages! lol

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