"He has no family."

Translation:Hij heeft geen familie.

10 months ago



Hij heeft geen gezin? Why is not correct?

3 months ago


'Hij heeft geen gezin' would imply that 'he' wouldn't have a wife nor children. When this 'he' would be an orphan it won't be 'Hij heeft geen gezin' either. A 'gezin' consists of two parents and at least one kid. And only the individual parents can have a 'gezin'.

2 months ago


I'm still confused. When is it suitable to use niet and when to use geen?

10 months ago

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Please see #5 under "Basics" for an explanation of when to use niet and when to use geen: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25020107.

10 months ago

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Another way of thinking about the use of geen is to see it as a substitute for "niet een". "Hij heeft niet een familie" is actually correct Dutch, but it is more natural to use geen. "Hij heeft niet familie", on the other hand, is not correct, as this sentence requires an indefinite article where English doesn't.

So in other words, don't think of this as a choice between niet and geen, but as question of whether to use an article or not.

10 months ago
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