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Please make Marathi!

As a fluent Marathi speaker, I've always wanted to learn to read and write Marathi. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of proper resources online and I really like Doulingo's learning system. How can we convince Duolingo to Make Marathi for English speakers?

December 29, 2017



Did you see http://www.androidcentral.com/luis-von-ahn-duolingo-founder-next-goals-and-new-found-love-india ?

"...Right now, we teach English from Hindi. We want to add more languages — the top most spoken ones. Like Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil are the ones that we are looking at..."



I doubt that Duo will make a Marathi course especially as they currently have Hindi in the incubator.


They started making Hindi for English speakers after completing English for Hindi speakers.

They're currently working on English for Bengali speakers, English for Punjabi speakers, and English for Tamil speakers.

This doesn't guarantee that Duolingo will eventually start making courses in Bengali, Punjabi, and Tamil for English speakers but it does improve the chances.

So, Duolingo's not likely to limit itself to one Indian language. :)


same here I can only speak it


Hey!! Why don't you sign this petition.... http://chng.it/JF7tv5QL It will be a huge help!! Thank You!!


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