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Is there any way to freeze my streak for 3 days?

I am going camping for a few days and probably won't have access to reliable wifi, so most likely I am going to lose my streak. Unless there is a way to freeze it for more than one day that I'm unaware of?

December 29, 2017



Unfortunately, you can't freeze it for more than one day. The problem is that if people could buy freezes for multiple days at a time, it wouldn't really be a "streak", per se. Like Woof said, there are ways to get it covered for a few days:

For example, if on Monday (just random days of the week for this example) you do a 10 XP lesson (assuming your daily goal is marked at 10 XP) you'll have that day covered until 11:59 PM.

On Tuesday, your streak freeze will cover that day from 12 AM-11:59 PM.

On Wednesday, you will have until 11:59 PM to do another lesson. (your freeze does not cover this day, but your streak will remain in place until 11:59 PM)


That's a good explanation, thanks. I will try that and hopefully not lose my streak, but if I do I suppose I'll just start again :-)

Oh, edited to ask, do I have to be online to purchase a freeze?


Last time I checked (I haven't really used Duo in a while, haha) the offline version, the one that doesn't require internet, will not let you purchase a functioning streak freeze due to the fact that it needs internet to "update" Duo's information.


BTW, I have heard that streak freezes don't work two days in a row (even if you do buy them separately.) If you can get online to purchase the second streak freeze (on the day that the first streak freeze was used) then you may as well do a lesson so that you won't need a second streak freeze.


You could buy Plus and download lessons for offline use.


Buy a new freeze on the second day.


Thanks for the suggestion, but if I can't get online on the second day I won't be able to.


Unfortunately, no, unless you have a friend who could log onto your account every day and buy a streak freeze. Or you could change your goal to 10XP or lower, do one lesson before you leave, use your streak freeze on the day you're gone, then, the last day, do a lesson or a strengthen or something when you get back.

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