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  5. "Why did you do it so slowly?"

"Why did you do it so slowly?"

Translation:Proč jste to dělal tak pomalu?

December 29, 2017



Really?: "Pročs to dělal tak pomalu?"


Yeah, this one is more than a little over the top!



Or rather ... somehow acceptable, but I do not recommend it.


What’s the normal position for to? Why does it go between jste and delal?


To is an (inconstant) clitic. In this sentence, it follows the second position rule for clitics. Read this: Ordering the Czech Clitics: Introduction


Is "proč jste to tak pomalu dělal" wrong or should I report it as correct?


It is really strange to focus so much on the participle by placing it final.

The point is that it was slow. The point is not that it was specifically dělat and not some other specific verb.

This works:
Proč jsi to nedělal pomalu? Ale já to pomalu DĚLAL!
Why didn't you do it slowly? But I DID it slowly!

However, there is little point to stress the verb so much in this question. The point is almost surely that it was slow, not that it was specifically "doing".

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