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Made a Japanese club for anime fans

Made a Japanese club code is 48QCRY club called ‘anime bois’ Come along and join doesn’t matter how good u are, we can help each other learn, compete and chat about anime and whatnot. Hoping to get more members, feel free to join!

December 29, 2017



Good idea! Heading off to IkkiCon in a minute, so may join later. :-)


Question: How do I join?


I have the same question :P


Now, I have no idea if you can join on a computer, but usually you just go on the mobile Duolingo app and go to the little club symbol at the bottom of your screen, and there'll be a button that says "I have a club code." Just enter the given code there and then you should be able to join (unless it has 15 members already, in which is the max amount).


Oh no! Your club is full. :-(

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