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"The dog does not see mice but cats."

Translation:Ten pes nevidí myši, ale kočky.

December 29, 2017



Ten pes nevidí myši, nýbrž kočky < this is what my correction gave me after mistyping (typed nebo instead of ale). If I use google translate (I have never seen nýbrž before) it says "instead of", but here we have "but". Kind of confusing, I knew the word I had mistaken, but then I read this and start to get confused.


Nýbrž is the same as ale here. Do not trust Google translate for Czech, I can't recommend it. For single words there are real dictionaries available (I use slovnik.cz).

There are other variants of ale which are even more exotic than nýbrž in dictionaries (like alébrž...) but you are unlikely to encounter them.


What would be good monolingual dictionary for the Cech language? Thank you. (It is too early to ask but at one point in the future it will be very handy.)


For starters certainly prirucka.ujc.cz which gives you access to more recent SSČ and older, but bigger, SSJČ. enter the word you are looking for in into the search box Slovníková část.


Thank you Vladimir! :)


Why do I have to use 'Ten"? I wrote "Pes nevidí myši, ale kočky and it said it was wrong.


You do not. "Pes nevidí myši, ale kočky" is accepted. But since we have no current report for that, we cannot tell you why your answer was rejected.

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