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More Katakana?

When I started there was a lot of Hiragana lessons which was great as I needed to refresh on a few of them. Then I expected the same with Katakana before hitting Kanji but I just met a little Katakana and then it was introducing Kanji. Not saying this is necessarily bad as one needs to get it all anyway, I just thought they would go through Katakana the same they did with Hiragana.

I know this is still in Beta but as a learner I would like a complete walkthrough of Hiragana and Katakana and then hit basic Kanji with the radicals. And then of course expand on Kanji and mix it all up. I'm still able to cram stuff into my head but it feels like I've missed something.

My two Lingots only of course. Everyone has their own preference, just thought I'd throw this out there :)

Btw, I'm lovin' the comment sections. Learning a lot just by reading them!

December 29, 2017



I agree with you. I know that katakana is covered further on in the course, but it would be better if it were handled as hiragana was. Much easier to review, too.


Yes, I think going through all the Hiragana and Katakana characters first helps a lot before you start tackling Kanji. The way this Japanese course is set up, it serves me better as a tool to refresh what I already knew. Like I said I still learn new things but I hope they will at least consider these suggestions at a later stage because having a solid structure is important when learning.

But like we all keep repeating; Duolingo should not be your only source anyway :)


i agree also listen 2 hoshi wo tadoreba idk y but it calms me down =^.^=


I agree! I had to pause after the Hiragana sections to learn Katakana on my own before moving forward on the tree. I would very much like if Katakana had its own sections before throwing Kanji in the mix :)


The discussion is where I really learn Japanese that is why i can't do the lessons on my iPhone( there is not access to discussions). And i feel the same the katakana is so brief i finished the tree and review it often and i still don't know katakana hardly at all.


I can highly recommend you to look up Learning Japanese on youtube. The hostess is Risa, a native Japanese woman. She does Hiragana and Katakana and she also has a lot of other videos teaching you valuable phrases. She's also quite fun!

If you can't find it, get back to me.


I absolutely agree with you. And it is also difficlt to understand kanjis and how they goes. I think we need better explanations about that.


This is why many here (including me) say that regarding Japanese, Duolingo is better used as a review tool to test what you learned elsewhere.

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