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  5. "Mögen Sie Musik, oder Jazz?"

"Mögen Sie Musik, oder Jazz?"

Translation:Do you like music or jazz?

March 17, 2013



Hmm. Does that structure imply that the speaker does not consider jazz to be music? ;-)


I can imagine a disciple of German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno uttering such a sentence. But I guess his opinion is more a point against Adorno than against jazz ;-) http://is.gd/cTmOod


Ha! Interesting article. Thanks for the link.


I wonder if this question was meant as a joke.

Although, even as a music major, I find jazz difficult to enjoy in most circumstances. That being said, it's highly intellectual music. It's kind of the proving-ground for spontaneous creativity. So, in any case, I can still at least appreciate jazz.

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