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  5. "我们的狗有绿眼睛。"


Translation:Our dog has green eyes.

December 29, 2017



Please send a picture of this green-eyed dog


I can not wait to see it!!!!


Why is there no "de - 的 particle“ needed as in other sentences, where we have said things of the form "color + 的 + object"


It would be correct to say "我们的狗有绿色的眼睛。" I guess, grammatically, it would also be correct to say "绿的眼睛", but it does not sound so good to my ears in this sentence. Either say "绿色的眼睛" or "绿眼睛", that sounds good.


Why isn't 一双used in this sentence, when it was used earlier for "he has a pair of green eyes"


We're just lucky they didn't decide to be creepy this time. "Our dog has a pair of green eyes, and a pair of brown eyes, and four or five blue eyes, all buried around the yard. We're starting to worry where he's getting them from."


It's going to be great when this course will correct a minimal typo like many of the other courses do. It will also be good when the series of lessons at each level present at 8 questions at a time instead of 20, like the other courses do as well. In French I answer 8 questions and get the same points as I get here for 20 questions and an extra 5 points if I get them all correct. But here you have to work 2.5 times as hard to get the same results.

When you get to the level of bronze, silver, gold etc it means you are competing with people that get the same points for far less work. No level playing field in Duo lingo Chinese.


@George - thankfully my focus is on learning Chinese. And reducing my errors. So the stricter they are, the better. And the more questions they give me, the more I learn. If one wants to score more points instead then one should give up "learning" Chinese and pick up a language you already know very well.


If you want to compete and win, maybe play a game instead? I thought people here were interested in learning Chinese, and not in "getting more points than others"... It is just ridiculous that you complain about that..


It is common for us to have so much homework given in a day..typical asia

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