Offline Progress Not Saved

Hey, I realise this has been an issue before but most of the posts I’ve seen seem to be from a few years ago. I just purchased Duolingo plus specifically for the offline ability. However, whenever I do lessons offline, all of that progress disappears as soon as I log back on. Is there anyway of solving this?

This is in the German branch if that is any help

December 29, 2017


If you check multiple threads from *TheDeeplyBroken", who tested "DuoLingo Plus / offline" on the IOS app:

It may be that the new enhanced Plus offline code (the follower after "10 free cached offline lessons for 1-2 unlocked skills") is not 100% stable.

It could be some tree / data syncronization issues, like I experienced before with older Android app versions, when I tested the normal / free (Non-Plus) offline functionality to complete NEW 5-10 skills across 1-2 skills.

Sadly to say, I never heard back from the developers after submitting my bug id, and I never have read about answers to my questions in the Plus-threads.

December 30, 2017
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