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"The style"

Translation:Der Stil

March 17, 2013



Are "die Mode" and "der Stil" completely different things? If so, what is the difference? (In English, "fashion" and "style" are more or less interchangeable, so I'm not sure I'm picking up the difference.)


I guess from the contexts I've seen it used in, Style can be applied to things other than clothing. For example: http://www.stilinberlin.de/


Right, I agree: and the same is true in English. But "style" in English can also refer to a style of painting, or of writing--in other words, a way of doing something, which could be considered a different meaning from the fashion of the moment.

Looking at my online dictionary, though, I have the sense that "der Stil" and "die Mode" are distinctly different--unlike in English, they are not interchangeable in any sense--but I'm not sure.

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