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I want to help others learn Chinese, so I started a YouTube channel, would love feedback


I’ve been studying Chinese for a few years now, including in mainland China and Taiwan, and I want to start helping others learn too. Would love any feedback on my videos and suggestions for other videos!

December 29, 2017



Looks nice, my compliments! A clear tone of voice, which is for me as a non native English/Chinese speaker very important! The hardest thing for me is the grammar, the way the sentences are build up, different from the Dutch language! In the Duolingo course it’s the TTS voice pronouncing the longer sentences in a way I’m not able to understand! I have only one piece of advice, whatever you do, don’t quit making videos!


This is an awesome channel!


Wow, I'm super impressed with the production quality of your videos. I have been running a channel for a long time (granted, I don't put a lot of effort into my production) and my channel's production is not as nice.

Also, you speak very cleanly and crisply. I don't know Chinese well enough to know how good your accent are and if there are any mistakes, but I know that I was able to understand quite a bit of what you said, which I think is impressive because I don't really know that much Chinese.

I subscribed and am going to go watch more of your videos right now! I'm curious to hear your advice about how to learn Chinese effectively. I would trust your advice, based on hearing you speak, because I know people who have studied Chinese longer than you, and have also been in China for extended periods of time, who still don't speak as well as you seem to, so you seem to be doing something right!


Thanks for the nice comment, and I’m happy you’ve subscribed :) hopefully I can produce helpful content. I plan on making more videos about learning Chinese efficiently and ways to self study, so this is even more encouragement to do that. Thanks :)


this is seriously awesome! thank you so much! looking forward to all the tips and tricks.


It's a very good idea! It could be interesting if you follow the lessons on Duolingo with us. Step by step. With your explanations, your videos. Especially for the beginners. The Chinese course is still in beta and needs to be improved.


i made a video about my language on my other account, on my channel.... https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCakiaR7gHEEuM9I6BVbERrw


很不錯! ;)


Compared to all of you, I look like a Chinese Language Noob.


Because I haven't ever done it...


Could you please publish it on youke too? I do not have VPN and would like to see more videos like this.


很好!I'm looking for clear way to the correct studying.

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