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  5. "王先生是我们的新同事。"


Translation:Mr. Wang is our new colleague.

December 29, 2017



A previous exercise wanted "Miss Li" and refused "Ms. Li", this exercise refuses "Mister Wang" and wants "Mr. Wang".


While you can report it to accept "Mister Wang", you should know that Ms. is not an abbreviation of Miss.


Miss and Ms. are not the same thing.

Miss refers to a young lady, (a minor, or younger than expected marriage age) just like 小姐.

Ms. refers to a woman who is older than a "miss," one who is old enough to be a "Mrs." "Ms." is used instead of "Mrs." if she is not married, if her marriage status is unknown, or if her marriage status is irrelavant and being ignored (often used in formal letters, etc.)

Mr. can refer to any adult man, like 先生.

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