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Learning Iroquoian Languages

To protect dying languages of North America, can Duolingo help in learning it? I think it is very important to prevent a language from getting extinct. Just like whole world makes efforts to save extinct living beings, Duolingo can make an effort to save dying language, I know its a big thing to ask but it's still important. Duolingo having such a huge reach in the world can contribute Is there anybody who knows anything about these language or are there any native speakers left?? Your Views:

December 29, 2017



You propose that Duolingo's worldwide reach would help save endangered languages. Aside from academic study of languages (and many endangered languages are studied by linguists), how exactly would this work? How is somebody in, say, Latvia with a smattering of an Iroquoian language going to help save that Iroquoian tongue? A language needs to be used to be saved, and very, very few people in most parts of the world are going to be able to significantly use an Iroquoian language in any significant way. That's not to say that those languages - or any endangered language - shouldn't be saved, just that Duolingo's supposed world-wide reach isn't likely to make much difference.


The problem is that there are so many extinct languages in the world - too many for Duolingo to save all of them.


It'd be neat to save come of the Salish languages of the Pacific Northwest

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