"The new kitchens are beautiful."

Translation:Bucătăriile noi sunt frumoase.

December 29, 2017

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When do you use "bucătării" and when do you use "bucătăriile"?


bucătării = kitchens

bucătăriile = the kitchens

However, Romanian and English do not always use the definite article in the same scenarios.

Also, when an adjective is alongside the noun, based on whether it is before or after the noun, the definite article can get applied to it, so you may end up with:

  • bucătăriile noi

  • noile bucătării


Would someone please explain why the kitchens are not ”frumoși?” Is this an irregular or neutral noun instead of a masculine noun?


Because kitchen is a feminine noun. (A quick internet search would have easily solved your question. I like Wiktionary.)

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