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  5. "We are making your bed."

"We are making your bed."

Translation:Wir machen euer Bett.

December 29, 2017



why is this 'euer' ?


If you = 2nd pers. sing. (= du), then the possessive pronoun = deinX.
If you = 2nd pers. plur. (= ihr), then the possessive pronoun = eu(e)rX.
If you = polite form (= Sie), then the possessive pronoun = IhrX.

X signifies the different endings depending on gender, number and case.

Apparently, DL addresses a plural you here in its solution. But you may of course translate differently.


in what context would you use this sentence? does it mean literally "building"/"creating" a bed, or "making" in the sense of tidying up?


I don't get it. Why is it "euer"? Shouldn't it be "eures" or "eueres"? Bett is neuter and is the direct object.


No; euer is correct.

When it stands before a noun, it has endings similar to those of the indefinite article -- which means no ending at all in masculine nominative singular, neuter nominative singular, or neuter accusative singular. ein Bett and euer Bett, not *eines Bett or *eures Bett.


I used a different sentence to translate based on what I learned in school. "Wir sind dein Bett machen." Why is this incorrect?


It looks as if you're trying to make a present progressive "are making" by translating the two parts separately into German.

You can't do that -- German doesn't have a present progressive tense.

Instead, take the English present progressive form "are making" and turn it into the appropriate German present tense form machen.


wir machen dein bett aus ? Why is this wrong ?


wir machen dein bett aus ? Why is this wrong ?

  • Bett is a noun and has to be capitalised
  • ausmachen is the wrong verb to use in this sentence -- I would understand wir machen dein Bett aus as "we make out your bed", i.e. "we are just barely able to see your bed".

So it should simply be Wir machen dein Bett.


Kann man, "Wir beziehen dein Bett" sagen, oder bedeutet das was anderes?


wasn't there something like ( machen auf/aus) for the bed ?


If euer is used then why not make bed plural assuming we are making multiple beds??


assuming we are making multiple beds??

But we aren't; the English sentence has singular "bed".

So it's about one bed -- one bed that belongs to "you".

In the case of euer Bett, this would be one bed that belongs to several people -- perhaps to a married couple who share one bed.


Shouldn't the correct verb be "aufräumen"?


Shouldn't the correct verb be "aufräumen"?


You can aufräumen (tidy up) a room, or some other container such as a sock drawer or a closet.

But you can't aufräumen a bed. (Would people say "Tidy up your bed!" where you come from?)

Unless perhaps you mean "put all the toys and books that are lying on the bed into their proper places". But that's not the same as "making one's bed", which has to do with straightening the sheets.


What's the difference between ''Eure'' and ''Euer''?


What's the difference between ''Eure'' and ''Euer''?

eure with -e is for feminine or plural nouns (like eine or keine or die with -e)

euer without an ending is for masculine or neuter nouns (like ein or kein without an ending)


Sorry, I do not understand, in this context "you" could be singular or plural depending on the kind of circumstances, so why "dein" is not correct?


why "dein" is not correct?

Wir machen dein Bett is correct.


I wrote "wir machen deine bett" and "wir machen eure bett" and neither were accepted


I wrote "wir machen deine bett" and "wir machen eure bett" and neither were accepted


deine and eure with -e are used before feminine nouns or before plural nouns (the ones that take die as their definite article).

But Bett is neither feminine nor plural; it's neuter.

Thus you need dein Bett or euer Bett.

And Bett has to be capitalised, since it's a noun -- even if Duolingo unfortunately does not check this.


' Wir machen dein bett ' is accepted 03/09/2020


My answer was correct but marked incorrect


marked incorrect

Then you probably made a mistake.

Do you have a screenshot showing the question you had and the answer you gave? If so, please upload the screenshot to a website somewhere (such as imgur or postimage) and tell us the URL of the image.

Otherwise nobody can guess what might have happened.


Please when do you use eure , euer , dein and deine

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