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  5. "She just left me a comment."

"She just left me a comment."

Translation:Elle vient tout juste de me laisser un commentaire.

March 17, 2013



I put "Elle vient de me laisser un commentaire" and it was marked wrong. Is "tout juste" really necessary?


I assume Duo was expecting you to translate "just".

Note that you can use "tout" or not: elle vient juste de me laisser or elle vient tout juste de me laisser are equivalent. "tout" only adds emphasis.


I am not a native english speaker, but doesn't the construction "just + past" (in english) express exactly the passé recent? In this case, they should accept the translation without "tout juste".


yes, I just googled it and all the sites translate "venir de" as "just". I'm not sure how we'd be expected to know to add the emphasis.

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