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Unofficial Duolingo Thai course: Lesson Three: The alphabet (continued)

สวัสดี!Welcome to the Unofficial Duolingo Thai course.

Previous lessons:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Some of the new letters included in today's lesson have a sound that does not exist in English.

The letters are - ึ (Short "ue") and - ื, (Long "ue")

"Ue" in Thai is pronounced similar to the "ey" in "grey." That's as close as English gets to it.

The alphabet:

  • ึ = (sà-rà-ue) (Short "Ue") (NOTE: The Thai "Ue" sound does not exist in English. It sounds a bit like the "ey" in "grey.")

  • ื = (sà-rà-ụ̄) (Long "ue") (Like a long version of "short 'ue')

เ_ะ = (sà-rà-e) (Short e)

เ_ = (sà-rà-ē) (Long e)

แ_ะ = (sà-rà-ae) (Short "ae")

แ_ = (sà-rà-ae) (Long ae)

จ = (Jaaw jaan) (J)

ต = (Dtaaw dtào) (Dt)

ป = (Bpaaw bplaa) (Bp)

โ_ะ = (sà-rà-o) (Short"o")

โ _ = (sà-rà-ō) (long "o")

เ_า = (sà-rà-Ao) (Ao)

ไ_ = (Ai mái-má-laai)

ใ_ = (Ai mái-múuan) (NOTE: This version is used in only a handful of Thai words but they are common words. Even so, you will likely use ไ_ much more often.)


ไม้ยมก (mái-yá-mók) is a letter in the Thai alphabet, which, instead of producing a certain sound, it is used to show that a word should be repeated. For example, take the word for who, which is ใคร (Khrai) When adding Mái-yá-mók, (ๆ) it becomes ใครๆ (Khrai-Khrai), which means, "Anyone."

Words for practice:

ไกล = Far

เมา = Drunk

ตาม = To follow

ปี = Year

แรง = Power

และ = And


December 29, 2017



Thanks, Woof.! These lessons are making me want to learn Thai more in-depth.

Just a suggestion: could you make a directory for all your Thai lessons so that there is an easy way to find them, because I almost missed this one? :)


Hi Maughanster! I'm glad you enjoyed the lesson.

I'm planning on making a directory, but only after I have 4 or more posts, because I honestly think it's slightly weird to have a directory leading to only a couple posts.


Awesome Thai Course! AM taking soon!


Thanks Umaiza! :)


Pretty useful lesson, thank you!

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