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  5. how do you pronounce ㄹ ??


how do you pronounce ㄹ ??

I know it's pronounced 'r' or 'l' but when do I know when to pronounce 'l' and when 'r'. For example: 파리 (fly) is it 'pali' or 'pari' ?

December 29, 2017



It can also be silent. I imagine it's just one of those things that you get used to. I haven't noticed any particular rule or pattern when it comes to pronouncing it one way versus the other.


To pronounce 파리 it is Paris but you have to roll your tongue a little bit


its like a mix of both! try listening to some KPOP (Korean pop music) or watching some kdramas. (Korean dramas) or a youtube vid


do you know any good kdramas i could watch?? and what website can I watch them? also could you tell me some kpop songs i should listen to? please. Thankyou!!


lol I watched your comment and I don't know why I got to excited but anyway some amazing kdramas you could watch are:(and you can watched them either on Youtube or in www.kissasian.ch) goblin the great and lonely god( 도깨비) Cheese in the trap (치츠인더트랩) Moon lovers: Scarlet heart Ryeo ( 달의 연인 - 보보경심 려) Age of Youth (청춘시대) and my favorite ones, the first kdrama I watched was My Love Eundong (사랑하는 은동아)


thankyou!!!! I'll watch them as soon as I can


What kind of music do you like? (Just so I can recommend something to you (: )


I like all kind of music mostly pop


Do you prefer girl groups or boy groups? Do you like the kind of bubbly pop? Are u okay with rap parts and if so do you mind if there are a lot of them or rather long parts? (I'm sorry that I'm asking so many questions. I just want to narrow it down a bit.)


BTS has some really good ones, such as Fake Love and Make it Right.


hi i'm very late and not even sure if you're still active here, but age of youth/hello my twenties was such a good drama and the first one i ever watched, i highly recommend.


It is only [l] when doubled up like ㄹㄹ in 빨리. In other cases, pronounce it like Spanish r (single tap, not trilled).


put your tongue in place as if to say "d" in dog but instead instead pronounce "l". there is a little bit of roll. its Usaully a mixture of both sounds.

try going on Go Billy Go's 2nd or 3rd Hangul lesson on youtube.


As I see it, ㄹ is pronounced something like a "rl" blend when it is at the beginning of a syllable like라면 or 일요일 . while ㄹ is pronounced like r if it is at the end of a syllable like 일 or 말. and finally ㄹ pronounced as r+rl when ending then beginning two syllables like 빨라요 or 전라도(발음: 절라도).


When a vowel comes after ㄹ, it is pronounced like "R" (unless it is an English loanword). Where ㄹ is last or followed or preceded by either ㄹ or ㄴ, it is pronounced "L". If ㄹ is followed by any other character than those mentioned, it becomes "N" (except for certain Chinese loanwords).

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