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Writing in textbooks?

In the textbook "Teach Yourself: Complete French" I'm not sure if I'm incentivized to write in them because if I am not supposed to I don't want to ruin the book but if I am supposed to I would like to know if I am allowed.

December 29, 2017



It's up to you if you own the copy. You can solve the exercises in a notebook if you don't want to write in the book. I'd recommend a reference like page and exercise.


If the textbook is for a class or belongs to a classroom/library, ask the institution or person it belongs to. If you can't write directly on the pages you can always bookmark pages with sticky notes or folded pieces of paper and write on those using a note-taking format. This is assuming that you have the textbook in your home and use it regularly, of course.


I always write in my own books as I do not intent do sell them anytime soon.

There is also a compromise method: Get yourself some paperclips, a few transparent sheets of plastic and an erasable marker. Clip the sheet onto the page with the exercises, write on the foil, and when your done with it, clean it and use it again.


I bought French the Easy way and thought the EXACT same thing? My compromise is writing only in pencil in the book. If I want to review a section or something later I'll erase it. I like having a book too. Apps and sites are tops but that book learning is my jam. I get it! I love using a multi pronged attack. Book, sites / apps and at least one french show a day is helping me retain it. I still dont sound great but I know the words I'm mispronouncing. lol

Side note I dont like the one I have, tho. Im trying to use it as motivation to finish it but its slow going. I want to move to another textbook. How is Teach Yourself? I saw that on Amazon.

I also found it kinda weird that you kinda came under fire for asking a question. Bonne chance


This is not a question for DuoLingo. A question about what you are allowed to do with someones property belongs to the owner of the property. If its your book, ask yourself. If you have to ask this question, its probably not your book, and you should ask the individual or institution you received the book from. The likely answer is no.

The reality is that the institution is likely not able to check every page for text and that small annotations may be overlooked. Respect would probably suggest you do not mark what is not yours.


But if its a textbook and workbook with pages with spaces for writing, it's completely normal to write in those books. You can write in workbooks. Maybe it's a cultural thing.


Jacob, if you don't own the book, I would suggest buying your own copy. You can get an earlier edition of the book for about $4. Take a look at Thriftbooks; https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/teach-yourself-french-complete-course-teach-yourself-language-complete-courses_galle-graham/358568/#isbn=144417729X. Many textbooks of this type do not change appreciably edition to edition and buying a used previous edition can be less expensive than photocopying pages from the book. If you can get your hands on a previous edition of the book, I would encourage you to mark it up to your hearts content as well as write in additional examples and hints you may be able to pick up on the internet or learn here on Duolingo. In a way it is a shame that schools lend or rent textbooks to students (which they cannot write in) and when sold at University they are so expensive that students are compelled to sell them back in an almost pristine state. Students should own their own books and they should not be afraid to mark them up and in fact develop that as a habit as it is an important study technique.

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