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  5. "A crab is not a dog."

"A crab is not a dog."

Translation:게는 개가 아닙니다.

December 29, 2017



How do I distinguish crab and dog in Korean? They sound the same for me.


There used to be a slight difference in sound no longer than few decades ago. But it's gone among most of the people. Sooo you can only guess


The pronunciation is still rather different. When they read dog (개), the mouth opens bigger horizontally with a little emphasize. While for crab (게), they read it with less intense feeling.


This sentence is so funny


I'm still confused word order and the 는 versus 가 ending. What roles do they play here to distinguish "a dog is not a crab" from "a crab is not a dog"?


In this sentence, '는' is a postposition which can replace '이/가', the subjective postposition. So '게는' is the subject. But '가' here is a complement postposition, so '개가' is the complement. So, "A dog is not a crab" would be "개는 게가 아닙니다" and "A crab is not a dog" would be "게는 개가 아닙니다".


By the way, the subjective postposition and the complementive postposition have the same form '이/가'


This sentence was made just to trigger people. 10/10


Is word order important here? I switched the subject and topic, and I was marked wrong.


Yes. In this sentence, 게 is the subject and 개 is a complement


I wrote "개가 게는 아닙니다" and it was accepted. Although it means basically the same thing, I think the two animals should have be switched in sentence order.


why would 않아요 not fit here?


않아요 dictionary form is 않다, which means 'to not do', it is the negative of 하다, 'to do'

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