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My first golden tree!

I have finally regilded the entire French-from-Italian tree and the fluency meter is at 70%! I started the tree about four months ago without a realistic expectation of eventually keeping everything gold - but here I am, I guess.

Do you many of you continue strengthening a tree after regilding it?

December 29, 2017



I've been on for three years keeping my French tree as shiny as possible. But that's because I still learn from the process.


Yep I advise you to keep them gold! It's a way to don't forget what you have been learning and to become more fluent. In my case, as I always try to keep everything gold, in french for example I have level 20 and I still haven't finished the tree hahaha

Keep working! :)


Congratulations--keeping an entire tree golden is hard work, and is something I haven't been able to manage with my Swedish tree.

Since I finished the Esperanto tree, I've strengthened weak skills every day, and am planning to return every day to keep the tree golden. Recently, I've begun to regild my Swedish tree, and it's nice to see more gold in it. :)


I'll revisit trees and re-gild them sometimes, but I haven't ever tried to keep everything golden all the time.


What took you so long??? Just kidding. Congratulations. :-D


Congrats! For my German and French trees I continued to strengthen them for months after finishing them, whereas I haven't strengthened my Swedish tree much at all, however I plan on doing so. I recommend strengthening for at least a few months until you feel you've got a firm grasp of the language. Best of luck!


Me with my OCD kind of forces me to keep my tree gold all the time. Even if I've already learned by heart all the vocabulary, I feel the need to keep it gold because it looks nice. I know my Spanish tree's rotting, so I don't really look back on it, and I have no need to strengthen it; however, I absolutely feel the need to keep strengthening my French tree even though I know the vocabulary already. ^^



it probably makes sense to re-do all lessons + strengthening skills (introduced new vocabulary as well) for specific grammar skills on a weekly / monthly basis and re-check "tips and notes" (on the full desktop web portal) regularly.

Example: Even I completed my Portuguese tree within ~1 year, I do not feel well-trained on all topics (e.g ALL grammar / tense stuff), especially when more complicated past tenses or Subunctives sentences popup regulary for my Memrise PT BR 1-7 + Basic courses, where I have to type these sentence translations in my L2 target language; so there will be A LOT for me to review / to do the next 3-6 months!
Some people do IMHO the wrong thing, just to only complete their forward tree - and trying to keep it gold forever.
I can easily see this when a user has only ONE course/language flag in the profile.
If one does not start the reverse (or laddering) tree, he/she:

  • won't learn new / different vocabulary
  • he will not be forced to write (typing = recalling) in the target language

Currently DuoLingo works, as you know, the opposite (with a high ratio), that the target language will be used on the left side for reading, and the source/base language on the right side for typing (on the web portal).

e.g Italian-French / French (from Italian): Forces on Duo typing in Italian, reading in French.

DuoLingo currently rarely switches, and because of difficulty, does not give you many L2 target language exercise challenges.

If you want to practice more writing in French, you would have to start any reverse or laddering trees:

  • French-xxx
  • French-Italian (Italian from French)


Thanks Thomas! I'm aware of the problem you pointed out. I had started this French-from-Italian tree more as a tool to improve my active knowledge of Italian than actually learning French. Now I've started the German-from-Italian tree for the same reason; in the future, I will probably revisit French by using it as a base language, as you suggested. That will probably not be with Italian as a target language - I get the feeling that I'm exhausting the usefulness of DL for learning Italian - but perhaps in Spanish-from-French.


Great job! That must have taken a lot of work! ; )

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