French Story Question

When I was doing a French story, I came along the sentence "Nous n'en avons plus..."

I understand that this sentence means "We don't have any left," but I was wondering about the actual meaning of each word.

Specifically, what does the n' before the "en" do/mean?

Merci d'avance! -Pickletoepi

December 29, 2017


That is a short negation form (ne). We have to use n' because next word begins with vowel.

December 29, 2017

This sentence could be translated "we don't have anymore (of it)" or "we have no more (of it)" (or n' where ne precedes a vowel or h muet) is used to make negative sentences with "more" or "anymore".

The French use en in many instances but here it is used to replace an already mentioned noun modified by a notion of quantity (the "of it" mentioned above).

December 29, 2017

en is used to replace an indirect object which is used with de.

Two examples:

Je donne de l'argent --> J'en donne

Il est fier de son livre --> Il en est fier.

In your case, the full sentence should be: Nous n'avons pas plus de quelque chose.

December 30, 2017

I think you mean Nous n'avons plus de quelque chose. Non ?

December 30, 2017
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