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Feedback / Bugs

  1. In "What sound does this make" sections, a new hiragana character is shown along with three romaji spellings to choose from. That's fine, but right away a voice says the sound of the character, basically giving away the answer. Perhaps the voice should be delayed a bit or simply not played unless the little speaker icon is pressed.

  2. In "Match the pairs" sections, if you click on the hiragana character, the voice says the sound of the character, giving it away. I try to only press the romaji spellings so that I don't accidentally cheat. Perhaps the voice should not be played on the hiragana characters in these sections.

  3. In Hiragana 2, Lesson 1, the following characters appear in "Match the pairs" sections before actually being introduced in a "What sound does this make" section: ho, ma, no, ri, wa.

  4. I tried to report these from within the course using the "Report" button that appears after answering a question. But in "What sound does this make" and "Match the pairs" sections, the only thing it lets me report is the audio not sounding correct. It doesn't let me type a description of the problem.

December 29, 2017



In my opinion it is very useful because it creates connections in our mind that you don't realise. When you hear the sound everytime you press a character it will make you hear it even outside Duolingo. The developers know their job.


Hmm, now that I think about it, that makes sense. Hearing the sound every time to reinforce it would help. Eventually, maybe you'd hear the sound in your head at the same time or even before the voice plays. So I guess (1) and (2) aren't problems.

I still think (3) and (4) are problems though.


Agreed. It’s a noticeable structural problem to give the answer as part of the question.


I like this feature and missed it when it was gone. If it disturbs you, why not turn the sound off while you're doing the exercise?


Another feedback:

In order to prevent ambiguity, the English instructions on the translation (when translating from the hiragana to English) should say "Translate this to English", not "Write this in English".

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