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Need some help.

I've been having trouble finding the differences between the different manges, (Manger, mange, etcetera.) This has been a major trouble for me. It'd be nice if someone would possibly explain this to me, or at least give me an example for each.

December 30, 2017



The French grammar is explained in Duolingo's web version in the "Tips and notes" on the bottom of the lessons page of each skill, that introduces new grammar.

Workaround for App users

The grammar "Tips and notes" are available in the desktop mode of the browser of your phone/tablet.
In the Firefox browser you can select the "Desktop mode" via the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
(Note: This may be not working on iOS phones with a small screen)

More grammar in
Grammar Glossary, Helpful Links, and Tips & Notes!


To eat = manger ( infinitive)

I eat = Je mange

You eat = tu manges ( informal / singular)

He/She eats = Il/Elle mange

We eat = nous mangeons

You eat = vous mangez ( formal / plural)

They eat = Ils/Elles mangent




French schoolchildren also have a lot of difficulties with the conjugation of the verbs. It takes years for a young French pupil to master the conjugation, and, alas, many will never succeed. You will often see severe mistakes in comments written by French people of all ages. The verb "manger" is not the easiest (because of the letter "g") French schoolchildren first learn the verb "chanter" (to sing), which is regular.

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