Le Tien?

Quick question:

When saying "It's not yours" in French, you say "Ce n'est pas le tiens."

I don't understand what the "le" does or means. Why is it there and what purpose does it serve?

Merci d'avance! -Pickletoepi

December 30, 2017


I believe as in spanish and italian, when referring to yours, there is an article (le in French) To show what the yours is referring to. Like when talking about masculine singular things, you would use the masculine singular article, like english 'the' Hope this helps!

Also, if the object that is "yours" is feminine it is la tienne for singular and les tiennes for plural.

Ex "The dress is yours" → La robe est la tienne.
and "The shirts are yours" → Les chemises sont les tiennes.

See the tips and notes here: and

Remember, this is the familiar way of expressing "yours".
Formally you have le vôtre, la vôtre (single owner) and les vôtres (multiple owners of masculine or feminine gendered objects).

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