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  5. Valyrian? Why not Dothraki?


Valyrian? Why not Dothraki?

Seriously I think this would be amazing to do as well. I would finally be able to understand the show a little more. I saw something at Barnes & Noble recently that would teach you the same thing... but that was like $20 or $30... just an idea.

December 30, 2017



Living Language owns the intellectual property rights to Dothraki, and would not allow DL to create a course.


Well that's just depressing...


On the other hand there is a quite nice book by Peterson for studying Dothraki. Anyway, wasnt there a rule that you cannot possess languages even if they are artificially constructed? I think something like that happened to klingon


You can trademark the name of a language and specific phrases, but not the words themselves... maybe duo just doesn't have the resources to try to fight them?


I don't know much, but why could DL create a HV course then? If LL owns Dothraki, why not own HV? And also, did LL say no to DL or did DL not ask them?

[deactivated user]

    I don't consider language as a copyright material.. and DJP(Dothraki creator) tole me on email that there are no dothraki DL course. anyway, bad 'living language'company


    Barnes and Noble always be trying to push prices for things ridiculously. There may be some resources you can find for free online to start.


    how come the Klingon language has been at 100% since September last year and hasn't hit beta? I mean really it was scheduled to come out on my birthday and its way past then now!


    As has been pointed out many times, there are issues with releasing it - I forget other details, but I know one of the problems is that Klingon treats ' as a vital part of the language (it may even be a letter?), but Duolingo counts a missing ' as a typo for the most part.


    I believe ' represents a glottal stop, much as it does in many natural languages (Hawai'ian, Samoan, Maori, many indigenous languages of the Americas, etc.), so the problem is well-worth solving and has applications far beyond Klingon.


    A Hawaiian language course would be great.


    I'll take your word for it what it represents - I have to confess to only having the vaguest idea. And agreed, it is a solution that will have applications outside of Klingon.


    In some polynesian languages ' indeed represents a glottal stop https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glottal_stop


    It would be fun, but I would love elfish from lord o the rings!!!


    yes, i totally agree. dothraki has been one of the central languages in game of thrones, and it has been on the show/books from the first episode/book. (i think) also, if someone can create a course on high valyrian, why not dothraki? cuz mr. david j peterson has developed this language very carefully

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