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No word list?

When I study French, there is a link to a word list at the top of the page, which lets me see which words I've learned and how recently I've strengthened them.

I don't see any such list for Japanese (which would maybe include both words and kana). Why isn't such a list present like it is for other languages? I would like to use such a word list to be able to enter the words I've learned so far into another flashcard program so I can do some separate practice.

I like the Duolingo approach, but feel like I need some more specific practice on just remembering kana and kanji, which would be good on flash cards.

December 30, 2017



I think that feature was only available for the first five languages from English as well as to learn English. (French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian) You should check out the new Duolingo flashcard program and app: Tinycards https://tinycards.duolingo.com/

Searching for Duolingo Japanese: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/search?query=Duolingo%20Japanese

You can even make your own set of flashcards.


I wonder why it's only available on those languages?

I do use Tinycards, but am also trying out Anki. I just wanted an easy way to list all of the words I am supposed to know so far so I can build a set of cards from it.

Also, wow, that's a lot of languages you are learning! Good job.


You get a list of words introduced in each lesson. It’s not quite the same but you can use it to create your own flashcards.


Step 1. Switch to French course.

Step 2. Click "Discussion".

Step 3. Duplicate tab. (So you now have two tabs on French course viewing the Discussion page.)

Step 4. Current tab: Switch to Japanese. (Can close this tab once it loads.)

Step 5. Other tab: Click "Words".

Enjoy. ^^


oh my god it actually worked thanks

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