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For Duolingo: Thanks for 2017

Ayeee before you read this go check out MasterZsword's post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25702127 :)

Thank you Duolingo for helping me learn during 2017. This year has been crazy hectic for me emotionally, mentally, physically... This year has kicked me butt into some deep dark hole and I had to learn to climb out. However, this year I also learned my newfound love for Irish. Duolingo has allowed me to connect to more people and understand more things about the world and its languages.

I've been here since 2013 (yep, I'm old ;)) and I have seen the birth and death of some of the tools such as Immersion. But, I am very proud. I'm proud to be apart of something that has already changed the world. I'm proud of seeing this site grow immensely year after year. I'm proud of being in a community that aspires to inspire. I'm proud of everyone, including you. I hope next year serves you well and you learn many new languages and strengthen ones you already learnt.

With love,


December 30, 2017



Thanks for sharing your story, AnIsAPandah--it's always inspirational to read these sort of discussions. :)

Best of luck toward 2018!


Oh... You are such a cherishing member who always amuses me with your wacky sense of humor. ^ ^

I feel like many people have fallen into dark holes here, but I'm glad your experience led you to loving Irish again. It's amazing where ordeals can take us...

Good luck on your studies! And, I hope your life is filled with positivity and strength next year, and your years to come!


I couldn't agree more, Duolingo has helped me to connect to so many languages, can't stop.


Thank you Annie. You are a valuable, amazing member of this community. Good luck with your studies! :)

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